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Support for an unaccompanied child in crisis
Cash transfers empower families to pay for essentials
2 weeks of donkey deliveries keeps children learning
4 weeks of donkey deliveries keeps children learning
Emergency household supplies provide immediate relief
Emergency Response can help bring relief to children in urgent need
Give this gift to help fight the global hunger crisis and support other important issues.
Give this gift to someone who's passionate about equal rights!
Ideal for those who are passionate about our work or someone who isn't familiar with our organization.
High-nutrient peanut treats malnutrition
Hygiene kits support families in need
Psychosocial Support helps children process trauma from conflicts and violence

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By selecting a gift through this catalog, you are making a donation to Save the Children that supports one or more specified program areas, which will be used where it is needed most within those programs. Each gift in this catalog represents resources, services or support for programs provided across Save the Children's worldwide movement and may change due to environmental, programmatic and economic considerations. A portion of your gift will be used to support Save the Children’s general operations.