Children's Emergency Fund

"The crisis unfolding in Ukraine is having a ripple effect on children elsewhere in the world."
- Save the Children's Country Director in Yemen, Rama Hansraj

The unpredictability of the Ukraine crisis along with our ongoing humanitarian responses where children face equally dire circumstances, our responses require that we remain as flexible as possible. Pre-positioned funds from the Children’s Emergency Fund enable us to respond anywhere, on the basis of need, and allow us to resource our responses appropriately.

The Children’s Emergency Fund has already provided flexible funding to meet the most urgent needs of children and families in Ukraine as tension escalated earlier this year. The Fund also enabled us to move quickly and respond immediately when huge numbers of people started to flee Ukraine and seek safety in neighboring countries. With flexible funding, we will continue to remain responsive to changing contexts in the region and around the world.

The Children’s Emergency Fund is now more important than ever. With the crisis in Ukraine increasing hunger for millions of children globally due to skyrocketing wheat prices, the lives of children in the world's most fragile contexts, such as Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, and Syria are now at even greater risk.

We are stronger when we work together. Let’s gather our network of friends, family and colleagues and fundraise for children around the world who need our help most. Thank you.

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$10,525.66 of $10,000 Goal

Top Fundraisers

  1 -  Kimberly Rejewski ($2,428.85)
  2 -  Thai Park ($1,533.00)
  3 -  Hamilton Elementary Hamilton Elementary School ($1,187.82)
  4 -  Slavens School Stand With Ukraine Club Sadkhi ($675.22)
  5 -  Yelena Muchnik ($659.33)
  6 -  Tiffany Costanzo ($500.00)
  7 -  Kurt Steinbruch ($356.60)
  8 -  Juliet Wolin ($336.99)
  9 -  Melina Billskog ($300.00)
  10 -  Allison Wertheimer ($250.00)

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Top Teams

  1 -  NPES Help the Ukrainian Children ($2,428.85)
  2 -  ResQ Kids ($1,539.33)
  3 -  Team Easter ($1,533.00)
  4 -  Hamilton Elementary School ($1,322.82)
  5 -  Juliet's Bat Mitzvah ($931.99)
  6 -  Sadkhi Family ($675.22)
  7 -  Edgerton School District ($402.76)
  8 -  Ukraine Relief Bergen ($356.60)
  9 -  Heidi Abrahamson Jewelry ($224.29)
  10 - ($152.20)