Syrian Children Refugee Crisis

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Dear MCBL-O and PBL-A team,

I genuinely appreciate your participation in my charity by voting for me at the logo design competition. Although I alone may donate what I win from the competition, I wanted to share this great opportunity with you guys under our team name. I didn't set the fundraising goal too high because I didn't want anybody to feel burdened by this. Even a small contribution will be all life-saving help for the children under the need. And I think I will fill a substantial part of it once I receive my prize from the competition.

Save the children is running many different projects that you can find out on their website. But I personally have been donating for Syrian refugee children whenever I have a chance because I thought they are under one of the most desperate situations now.

Many of them lost their parents during prolonged civil wars and have been living in refugee camps which are very unstable, poorly equipped and not safe. You can find a few snapshots of how their lives look like at my facebook.

I found the history of Syrian war is very complicated and I personally think it is hard to determine which side is completely right. But the fact is that so many politically unrelated people have been being sacrificed because of the conflicts. And children are the most vulnerable to all this tragedy. Their only fault is that they were not lucky enough to be born in a safe and wealthy country like us.

Unfortunately, it seems like we have no manner of means to end the war right away or even soon. But we can support the suffering children under the war. I believe it is very meaningful and worthy action we can make together.

You can contribute by going to my personal page by clicking my name in the team roster below and then clicking "DONATE TO JINKIL'S GOAL" button there.

Thank you!




A Syrian child refugee has no place to call home. This child lives in constant fear, uncertainty and instability. Where will the next meal come from? Where will they sleep? Where will they live? And worst of all, what if loved ones are lost and a child is left all alone? For this child, basics like going to school, reading and playing are distant memories – and the future is a dream.

Thanks to your determination and generosity, together, we are helping Syria’s children heal from the physical and emotional wounds of war. When compassionate people like you support our relief efforts, then we can protect and care for more girls and boys. Since the crisis began, we’ve been reaching children and families in besieged areas, refugee camps and host communities. Despite extreme challenges, we’ve helped more than 2 million children inside war-torn Syria.

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