U.S. Border Crisis

Hoover Fundraiser for Migrant Children

Hi my name is Marcos.You should donate money to Save The Children because migrant kids are having a struggle to get over the border.

 My first reason is get better conditions.They need hospitals because kids are getting shot and hurt because of gangs and coyotes.They need better homes because when the two hurricanes came their homes got destroyed and they lived in the streets.

 My second reason is it's dangerous. First you should donate money to Save The Children because gangs are killing kids and familes. When kids cross the border, there's a desert and its very hot and the migrants barely have water. Second if you dont want to cross the border the hard way theres a easy way to cross the border because coyotes have a ladder and a boat to cross the border but it costs$1.000.  If you dont have the money they kill you or murder you. Finally border patrol  are capturing  migrant people if they cross the border or they just send them back.

 My third reason is give them a better future. First is a job because in the Northern Triangle they couldn't get a job and money. when they cant get money they cant get their kids or themself a better future. When you get paid you can use the money to get a house and maybe a car and yourself a better future. Second when you make itto a state you need to be a citizen to get a job.

I wrote about migrant kids.This is important because kids are having trouble crossing  the border so I hope that you donate money to Save The Children. --Marcos

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