Yemen Children's Relief Fund

Saving Yemen's Children


The Yemeni Civil War is exceeding its fourth year, hurting the most to those who are least responsible, the children. Children are growing up in the world's largest humanitarian crisis in need of aid. Facing violence and with many forced to flee their homes, Yemen’s children are struggling in the face of a national economic crisis, widespread malnutrition and the grave threat of cholera and other life-threatening diseases. 

14 million children at risk of famine. 

12 million children in need of humanitarian aid. 

55 out of 1000 children die before their 5th birthday due to cholera and other life threatening diseases. 

One in 10 schools have been destroyed or damaged leaving 2 million children without an education. 

23% of children are engaged in child labor facing the national economic crisis. 

57% of people live in poverty. 

Your support can make a difference. Investing in the future of Yemen’s children – by addressing their education, health and mental well-being needs – offers the best chance of ensuring their recovery and the country’s long-term peace and stability. Please help us by investing in the future we all share with a donation to our Yemen Children’s Relief Fund.




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