Yemen Childrens Relief Fund - Emergency

Basketful Relief Project


Spike Productions is excited to announce the launching of its Basketful Relief Project (BRP). We are collaborating with artists of all talents to write, illustrate, compose and story-tell to publish beautiful children stories for all ages in hardcover and e-book format, as well as full-production video. The goal? To help fund crisis famine relief in Yemen. How? Eighty-Five percent profit proceeds from book/video sales through the BRP will be donated to this fundraising page here at Save the Children on a monthly basis. It will be a continual fundraising that will renew annually. We have just started and will have our first two children books: The Little Book of Why and Get to Bed! published in September 2019. Once we recoup the cost to create and publish each book, Spike Productions will begin donating 85% of profit proceeds to this fundraising page. Keep up to date on all that we are doing, where to buy books and videos and the details of the distribution of percent profit proceeds on the Spike Productions website at We at Spike Productions feel that this is a fun and engaging way to help support Save the Children provide life saving resources to the Yemeni people, especially the infants and children! Let's do this together!


The Little Book of Why, by Catherine Russell, illustrated by Morgan Quist, $21.68
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Get to Bed!, by Catherine Russell, illustrated by Morgan Quist, $23.27
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