Yemen Children's Relief Fund

Raiders Run for Yemen


The boys and girls of Yemen are growing up in world’s largest humanitarian crisis, now in its fourth year. The need to stop the war on children has never been as urgent as it is at this moment. Nearly 14 million people are at risk of famine. Parents are witnessing their children waste away, while vehicles transporting food are targets of attack. 2 million children are out of school and are at risk of exploitation and abuse. The children of Yemen have been robbed of their basic rights to life, health and education. As the largest aid organization in Yemen, Save the Children teams are helping thousands of children get the vital care they need.

We are a group of Wellesley High School Cross Country runners who are running the Steep Rock Trail Series half marathon on November 17th. Last year we raised money for Syrian Refugees on a smaller scale. Now, we are creating a larger team and fundraising for what we believe is the most pressing issue right now: Yemen. We believe that the most best way for us to raise money for a good cause is by running a half marathon, beacause running is something that we all enjoy. With your help, we can help the 12.3 million children are in need of humanitarian assistance in Yemen. Any donation to our cause will help supply children in Yemen with safety from war zones inside the country and will also grant them access the educational programs that the war has taking away from them.

Save the Children has over 50 years of experience working in Yemen. Operational in the country since 1963, they were the first international aid group in Yemen. They work nationally and locally to promote and protect children’s rights, with programs in education, protection, health, nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, livelihoods and food security. 

*We don't want to create a competition between ourselves, so please donate to the team page instead of individual runners.

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