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Thanks to Save the Children and Ghaida Hussein these kids have the opportunity to go to school!
Thanks to Save the Children and Ghaida Hussein these kids have the opportunity to go to school!

Help Madame Success and Ghaida Give Syrian Children an Education

Education creates better societies. The world's wealthiest countries know this - that’s why they spend thousands of budget money per child on compulsory education. But many children in Syria don't have access to education and can’t afford it on their own. 

You can change that.

With your gift, you will ensure that Save The Children supports more education projects in Syria, and more Syrian kids will have an equal chance to get the support and care they need.

Seven years ago, every morning before the school start, 60 students came running to Ghaida Hussein's tent, gathered around it, waiting for her to come out. These youngsters were starving for learning and knowledge. They had been out of school for two years! In 2013, Ghaida Hussein was the first to give classes under an olive tree to school-aged children in a big displacement camp in Northwest Syria. Noone had even thought it was needed. Imagine that! Ghaida opened the school because she believes that the children of Syria have the right to education.

In 2014, Save The Children helped Ghaida and other schools in Northwest Syria get bigger tents. A few years later, in 2017, thanks to Save the Children's support, they opened a bigger school that can accommodate about 700 students from about five camps. These 700 Syrian children have the opportunity to learn, they have the right to have the future. They have a better chance to help their community and country to recover, to be happy and healthy adults.

It all started with Ghaida Hussein, just one person's decision to open a school in a camp. She was able to make a bigger impact thanks to the invaluable help from Save The Children.

If you click "Join Team" button at the top, you'll see the donation options. Please know that

$10 is a special seed gift that helps get food or school supplies, but if you give more, you can expand your impact:

$20 can help cover costs for pencils, books, and schoolbags for about 5 children

$30 can buy a real soccer ball that will delight and bring joy to so many kids. Thanks to your gift, we may see a new soccer star!!!

$40 can help cover costs for pencils, books, and schoolbags for about 10 children

$75 can educate a girl and brighten her future. For less than 20 cents per day, a girl can receive the books, learning materials, and school access needed to learn and thrive. The results are life-changing.

$100 can help cover costs to recruit quality teachers for girls and boys

$500 can go towards purchasing a share of a school. A new school helps children of all ages prosper. When children have the chance to learn, they can break the cycle of poverty for generations to follow

$1000 can purchase a school water point. School water fountains improve health and hygiene practices. 

*Each gift represents resources, services, or support provided by Save the Children to a program area in which they work and may change due to environmental, programmatic, and economic considerations. Your generous donations will be used to provide assistance where it is needed most.

Your precious contribution is 100% tax-deductable. 

About our team. Madame Success is a blog about inspiring women for women who want to do things their own way. Our mission is to connect women from all over the world and share resources, tools, and ideas that help live life on your own terms, be happy and successful.

We are running this fundraising campaign to support Save The Children's education projects in Syria.

We chose Save The Children because this top-rated charity had supported Ghaida's project in the past, and even though we are not allowed to sponsor Ghaida's project specifically, we would love to see more projects like hers emerge. 

We believe that through this fundraiser we help Syrian girls, boys, and women get access to quality education. A quality education raises their chances to have a better, happier, and successful life. When women know that their kids are safe, healthy and happy, they are happy. Let's create more happiness in the world!

Right now, too many children and young people in Syria have very limited opportunities for schools, universities and jobs. They need help of the international community, our help, to grow up and achieve their dreams. Together we can help Syrian children and women recover their community, rebuild their country, and build a better life!

It is a priviledge to be able to raise this money for Save The Children. Thank you for any generous donation, and sharing this link will also help a lot.

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