Make a Birthday Wish for Children

Corinne Turns One!

2020 started off with an incredible blessing for us— the birth of our beautiful, spunky, and amazingly sweet daughter! Corinne (Corie) Emilie was born on 1/9/20 at 6:30 AM, and it’s been a whirlwind of a ride ever since! So far she’s overcome hospitalizations, dietary allergies, and two lockdowns during this pandemic... and She continues to blow us away by how strong and brave she is!

As Brian and I reflected on this past year, we realized just how truly fortunate we are. We have two healthy/amazing children, a home, stable jobs, and more! Brian is now able to work from home now, which means he is getting to spend more time with the kiddos than he could have ever hoped for. I have been able to really focus on helping Jacob prepare for the day he will go back to school,  and Corie has had so much fun having us all here to cater to her needs haha!  

This pandemic has opened our eyes to how incredibly blessed we are, and how necessary it is to give back to our community. 

So if you would like to give Corie a truly amazing birthday present, please consider donating to SAVE THE CHILDREN, a nonprofit that focuses on allocating donated funds to various issues children around the world are facing. From the bottom of our hearts— thank you for making Corie’s first birthday truly special! 

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