Syrian Children Refugee Crisis

CurEthica for Syria


CurEthica is currently hosting out Second CSI Internship. These are thirty interns carefully selected from a competitive pool of applicants. They were chosen for a variety of reasons, on of them being compassion. These interns will be working towards a fundraising goal of $1500.00 CAD in three weeks to support the children in Syria.

A Syrian child refugee has no place to call home. This child lives in constant fear, uncertainty and instability. Where will the next meal come from? Where will they sleep? Where will they live? And worst of all, what if loved ones are lost and a child is left all alone? For this child, basics like going to school, reading and playing are distant memories – and the future is a dream.

At CurEthica, we believe in providing free medical care to all. But before medical care comes a chance at life, lets give these beautiful children a chance at life once more. For more information, check ourt our instagram @curethica. 

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