Syrian Children Refugee Crisis


Join bebemoss to support refugee children 

A Syrian child refugee has no place to call home. This child lives in constant fear, uncertainty and instability. Where will the next meal come from? Where will they sleep? Where will they live? And worst of all, what if loved ones are lost and a child is left all alone? For this child, basics like going to school, reading and playing are distant memories – and the future is a dream.

bebemoss support refugee mothers by providing them with sustainable income in Istanbul Turkey. Alongside Turkish Mothers Syrian refugee women knit our toys and make a sustainable living to support their families. 

We decided we wanted to do even more. A portion of each sale made on our website will be donated to charity to help refugee children. 

each stuffed animal sold= help for refugee children

Thanks to your determination and generosity, together, we are helping Syria’s children heal from the physical and emotional wounds of war.

When compassionate people like you support initiatives like ours we can trully change the world and make a dfference

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