U.S. Border Crisis

U.S. Border Crisis

More than 500,000 women, men and children have crossed the border since the start of 2019 seeking asylum from violence and trying to escape extreme poverty. Save the Children is running Child Friendly Spaces and children's play areas at transit shelters in New Mexico, supporting the work of partners and advocating for vulnerable children. Your support can help a child play, smile and laugh for the first time in weeks or even months.

Total Raised:

$9,292.00 of $15,000.00 Goal

Save the Children is the U.S. leader in child-focused disaster preparedness, response and recovery. We are currently the only national response agency working in transit shelters in New Mexico that is focused on the unique needs of children. Our border work features three key elements: programs, resource support to partners and advocacy to uphold children's rights and protection. In the interest of building a long-term and sustainable response, we are collaborating with local agencies in Deming and Las Cruces, New Mexico as well as a church-run shelter in McAllen, Texas. We have set a funding goal of $3.8 million for our response over the next two years.

Top Fundraisers

  1 -  Maribel Valderrama ($900.00)
  2 -  Daniel Menzel ($875.00)
  3 -  Nueva Children Border Crisis Fund ($720.00)
  4 -  Archie Williams High School Save the Children Club ($605.00)
  5 -  Nicole Godinez ($110.00)
  6 -  Cathi Grobe ($100.00)
  7 -  Kimaada Brown ($100.00)
  8 -  Socorro Valderrama ($100.00)
  9 -  Christine Spear ($50.00)
  10 -  Lorraine Erwin ($50.00)

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Top Teams

  1 -  Taco Lovers ($4,805.00)
  2 -  Hoover Fundraiser for Migrant Children ($1,749.00)
  3 -  South OC Moms ($950.00)
  4 -  hyoumansunshine ($50.00)
  5 -  How To Talk So Kids Will Listen Book Club ($18.00)
  6 -  Breaking Barriers ($10.00)

Why we fundraise

The Bike Runner
Toldeo, OH

Alan Thompson, 67, is completing a fundraiser riding around the perimeter of the United States. Thompson said, "I've had my fair share of adventure in life, so the main purpose here is to generate funds for Habitat For Humanity and Save the Children. If I can do that, then it will be an effort well intentioned and spent." You are our hero, Alan!

Swim Teams Dive in to Help Nepal
Westport, CT

Within one month of the deadly 2015 earthquake in Nepal, the Staples High School Varsity Swim Team and The Westport Water Rats dove in to help. By creating the "Swim for Nepal," a five-hour swim event, they were able to raise over $43,000 to benefit Save the Children’s relief efforts there. More than 175 swimmers, ranging in age from 6 to 18, took part. The "Swim for Nepal" remains one of the most successful school fundraisers in our history.

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