Crisis in Ukraine

"It should never have come to this."
- Irina Saghoyan, Save the Children's Eastern Europe Director

Ukraine’s 7.5 million children are caught in the middle of this war, and face grave risk of direct harm, displacement, family separation, trauma, loss of family income, and prolonged interruption of their education. The risk to their mental health and the potential for long-term trauma cannot be underestimated. These burdens are far too big for any child to shoulder alone. The #MINDSAct can help them. Learn about it here.

War is forcing children and families in major cities into basements and bomb shelters to escape explosions. Parents are reporting trying to calm terrified children. Hundreds of thousands of others are fleeing the capital.

In eastern Ukraine, where areas have been contested since 2014, more than 400,000 children live in communities at the highest risk of the direct impacts of the presence of soldiers and artillery. They have already lived through eight years of conflict, enduring violence, shelling, and being displaced from their homes. Some are showing significant signs of distress.

Your support will help us provide lifesaving assistance such as food, water, cash transfers, and safe places for children as people flee the conflict amid freezing temperatures and brutal conditions. Thank you!

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$1,427,215.38 of $1,000,000 Goal

Top Fundraisers

  1 -  Wolf Entertainment ($395,645.64)
  2 -  The Tile Industry Campaign ($184,785.98)
  3 -  SRC Resident Council Save the Ukrainian Children Stoneridge Creek Retirement Community ($104,076.82)
  4 -  Natural Products Industry . ($50,245.55)
  5 -  Verint Verint Systems ($37,053.60)
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  7 -  Ukrainian Refugee Fundraiser - Alpena Urf-Alpena ($19,813.85)
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  1 -  Wolf Entertainment ($418,003.84)
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  3 -  Embassy Kyiv Kids ($30,551.95)
  4 -  Be DMI, Be Human ($29,683.14)
  5 -  BuDhaGirl ($20,521.05)
  6 -  Ukraine Refugee Fundraiser-Alpena ($19,813.85)
  7 -  MaxLinear Ukraine Humanitary Crisis ($18,642.57)
  8 -  HPI ($15,870.20)
  9 -  YMCA of Greenwich Marlins Swim Team ($13,787.08)
  10 -  Cetrom Team ($10,800.00)

Given the unpredictability and rapidly changing circumstances on the ground during an emergency response, there is a chance that the level of funds raised exceeds what is needed to program, or where local conditions prevent program implementation. If this is the case, your funds will be allocated to our Children’s Emergency Fund, which will support Save the Children's work to provide immediate, life-saving humanitarian aid to those most in need.